Men can be the absolute hardest to shop for. This will be mine and Jordans 4th Christmas together, not counting the year when we were dating and he got me a 12 pack of smart water and I got him a stuffed penguin! Yes, that is a real story. We were in that awkward stage where we had just started dating and didn’t consider ourselves girlfriend/ boyfriend yet, so you’re not sure if you actually want to spend money on them! But, here we are, I must have really liked that pack of smart water! I mean, it is my favorite after all.

Over the past 4 years I’ve been able to figure out what kind of stuff Jordan likes as gifts. It’s generally stuff that I won’t let him buy any other time throughout the year because I pull the “do you NEED it or do you just WANT it.” So the Holidays is where I do like to splurge on him a little more. I’ve always been more for quality vs quantity. So here is a list of things that I have gotten him in the past and a few things that will be on my list this year!

Comment and let me know what kind of things you like to get for the men in your life. I’m always up for suggestions!


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  1. Ascot or scuff Ugg Slippers: My mom got the boys in the family Ugg Slippers 3 years ago. It’s something that honestly never would have crossed my mind or Jordans but he actually loves them. He wears them all the time and they have lasted him so well!
  2. 40 oz Hydro Flask: I think men in general are horrible at drinking water throughout the day. I always tell Jordan he would feel better if he’d drink more water. But he just gets busy at work and forgets. After we got him this water bottle he drinks so much more. These are amazing water bottles they stay hot or cold for up to 16 hrs. So he fills it up and is good for a few days.
  3. Yeti Cup: Similar to the hydro flask water bottle, just a different look I guess, so depends on what you want.
  4. MVMT watch: This is just one option and Jordans preferred style of watch. This is just an idea, there are tons of different price options out there.
  5. Ridge Minimilist Wallet: Jordan used to have this old thick alligator skin wallet from the time he spent serving an LDS mission in Paraguay. It was and still is so ugly and it was so big that he wouldn’t even have it cause it didn’t fit comfortably in his pocket or it ended up in my purse, which I hate. So, when he told me he wanted one of these wallets I immediately bought it. It’s super small and has a money clip on the back. His is aluminum but they also have titanium, carbon fiber and poly carbonate.
  6. Herschel Supply Backpack: Jordan uses this back pack to keep his lap top in and takes it to work everyday. If we travel he also uses it as his carry on. I got it for him last year…maybe 2 years ago…and it honestly still looks brand new!
  7. Beats by Dre Headphones: So this item is definitely a splurge. However, he really wanted them and he loves them for the gym. He likes the wireless ones so then he doesn’t have to worry about cords.
  8. Drill: I clearly have no knowledge of tools. I can use a hammer, kind of and thats about it. But apparently as far as drills go this one is really cool.
  9. Tool set: I guess every man needs a tool set, at least thats what my husband told me. This is a great one that I actually had him look up. It’s just a good basic kit that has a little bit of everything in it.
  10. Socks: So basic but for some reason my husband always needs and asks for socks. Sometimes I’ll put them in his stocking as well.
  11. Ray Ban Sunglasses: I’m all about Target $12 sunglasses because they always seem to grow legs and run off. Jordan, for the most part, is a little better at keeping track of things like sunglasses so I’m ok spending a little more. Like the watch, this is just my brand pick but you can really find any style or brand you like at a different price point.
  12. Original Penguin Tie: these are Jordans favorite ties. I’ve also never paid full price for them. Every time we go to Nordstrom Rack it has become his made up tradition to always leave the store with one. I actually really like them too and they have so many different prints.
  13. Cologne: I am such a smell person. So I pick his cologne more or less because he’ll try and act like he cares but he really doesn’t, it’s more for me than him. One year I got him the Calvin Klein Eternity Now, which was super random, I smelled it in the store and it was a good price so I bought it. I love Flower Bomb, the girl version of Spice Bomb so this is another one of my picks.
  14. North Face Gloves: Like my husband, I’m sure most men are out in the snow shoveling or hanging Christmas lights or even running out to start the car. So I definitely feel like he will get some good use out of these.
  15. Adidas Tennis Shoes: Jordan basically asks for expensive tennis shoes all year long so again, Christmas is where I give in. Usually he likes Nikes but he has decided to switch it up this year with some Adidas.
  16. Dress Shoes: Another thing that is more for me than him, church shoes. I liked this style that I found but again, alter to fit your budget! I like to keep church shoes under $100, since they only get worn once a week.
  17. Nike Sweatshirt: Every year I usually just like to get him a couple shirts and/or sweat shirts so this is just one I found that I liked and thought I would share!
  18. Nike Joggers: Joggers are Jordans favorite style of sweats and he definitely has plenty!