Having 2 kids under the age of 2 makes for one busy day! Most days they need their diapers changed at the same time AND need fed at the same time. I have every intention of making Beckham a healthy meal but more often than not I end up throwing him some crackers or making easy mac! Blakely is a super needy little nurser so I find something quick for him so I can feed her. I mean, he loves his mac and cheese but I hate resorting to that for times sake!   

I have recently been introduced to Raised Real. Raised Real is a membership based meal service for babies and toddlers. Amazing right? You get 20 pre portioned packages that have fresh, organically produced ingredients that are flash frozen to lock in nutrients delivered right to your door. The meals are designed for babies 6 months and up. They come ready to steam and puree to your desired thickness, or serve as finger foods. My favorite part about this meal service is that I am able to introduce Beckham to new foods and flavors AND its quick! Each meal also comes with a nutrition facts card that shows you exactly what is going into that tiny tummy and all the benefits of them. Now that’s something you’re not going to find on the back of a box of mac and cheese! For Beckham I decided to saute the broccoli, green beans, & chickpeas in a little butter on the stove. Then I sprinkled a little garlic salt and feta cheese cheese on top. Kid loves his cheese just like his mama so I thought this might entice him a little bit since he was trying something new. I also decided to blend the strawberry, beat and white quinoa frozen, with a little water to make it into a little smoothie for this warm weather. There really are so many options for every age with these little meals!

If you don’t care about quick, easy, healthy, meals for your babes then this probably isn’t for you, but if you’re like me and I think every other mom, you will love this! Use my code ‘STEPHANIE25’ to get $25 of your first box!