One of my favorite things about the holiday season is traditions. Growing up, one of my favorite family traditions was matching family Christmas pajamas. On Christmas Eve, my family and I would open up our pajamas that my mom would pick out, wrap and keep under the tree. Then, I would always try to talk my parents in to letting us open up one gift… I now do that to my husband! He almost always says no, because he thinks it ruins Christmas! I always looked forward to having a family of my own and being the one that got to pick pick and wrap Christmas pajamas!

Now, I know that it’s still November and we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet. I love the pilgrims and a turkey dinner but I have made the mistake of waiting way too long to find cute Christmas pajamas. Jordan and I’s first Christmas together was a complete fail on pajamas. I’m pretty sure it was a week or 2 before Christmas, thinking I had plenty of time and I couldn’t find anything. Seriously, nothing. So I had to make due with the scraps from everyone that planned ahead. I mean they weren’t even close to matching and the sizes were wrong and honestly they were so ugly! So really I only needed to make that mistake once! Especially with a growing family it’s extra important to get on it quick!

We got the cutest pajamas from Lazy One Inc. I love that they came in Jordans size all the down to Beckhams size. They have so many cute styles for every member of the family.You can co with coordinating sets or just straight matchy matchy, like I did!

Go to browse through and select your favorite style and use code ‘SC10’ for 10% off your purchase!

Happy shopping !