Every year since I can remember, for Christmas, my mom has always gotten me a Christmas dress. It’s a tradition that I always looked forward too. It was generally a little more fancy for church. I was my moms only girl and after two boys you can guarantee it was always nice and fluffy. Here I am, 28 years old, still expecting a Christmas dress. However, knowing I would be nearly 9 months pregnant this Holiday season, I wasn’t looking forward to it too much or even thinking I’d be able to find something. Much to my surprise I found the cutest dress at Shop Pink Blush. It’s cute and also flattering for this belly that’s about ready to pop! And most importantly, I feel good in it, which at this point in any pregnancy is a challenge! the material is so soft AND stretchy. Two things I’m always looking for! Be sure to check out all of Shop Pink Blush’s maternity and non maternity holiday dresses!