Summertime with little kids is becoming one of my favorite things. However, just going to the pool for a few hours takes so much time and energy and is honestly a little bit stressful! From swimsuits, snacks, toys, diapers wipes, floaties, & sunscreen, I need a weeks prep and 7 bags. By the time we actually load up and get there I’m way too tired to do anything and enjoy myself! One of my NEW favorite summer essentials for the kids has been our new swimsuits from SWIM ZIP. Not only do they have the cutest styles and designs they make swim days so much easier! I’ll be honest, I hate hate hate putting sunscreen on my kids. They are wiggling around, screaming, trying to run away while you’re trying not to get it in their eyes, it’s never even, and it’s all thick and white and nasty. Then 2 hours later you’re doing it all over again after its worn off, cause who wants to deal with a sunburned child, not me! Swim Zip offers UPF 50+ protection all day…ALL DAY, no cream necessary! They are also SO easy to get on, like, you literally just zip them up and throw them in the water! It also makes diaper changes so dang easy, especially for little girls. My worst nightmare is Blakely pooping in her swim diapers because stripping wet clothes all the way off and all the way on again is just a pain! The zipper and 2 piece option is the best and makes life so much easier! They have sizing and styles for tiny babes all the way up to mom and dad! So you can match the whole family, which is my own personal little dream!! So, if you’re looking to catch a break and make your pool and beach days easier and little less stressful be sure to check them out HERE!!!

the best photo I could get my children to cooperate for


How cute is he?!
I cant even handle it!

not sure why they haven’t made a swim diaper that actually fits babies

dying over her little hands AND that ruffle detail!

every now and then he acts like he really does like her

everyone: “you take way too many pictures of your kids”
me: “yes, I know, here’s 9 more, aren’t they cute?”

my cute little life guard