Hi! My name is Stephanie. I’m 28 living in Logan, Utah with my cute family. I’ve been married to my husband Jordan for 3 years and we have the cutest one year old named Beckham and a baby girl due in January.

Here is a little bit about me:

I grew up in a small town in Idaho, very small, I believe the population is somewhere around 1400, give or take now. People never seem to be surprised when I say my dad is a farmer because really, what else is there to do in Idaho? I have 2 older brothers, making me the youngest and only girl. I grew up in the dirt following them around, riding motorcycles but am still all girl. Being my mothers only daughter I don’t think she would have had it any other way. I started dance as soon as I was old enough and never stopped. I also started cheerleading in High School and then did 2 years in college.

I have always had a passion for, hair and makeup and all things beauty as well as fashion. Cosmetology school was something I always planned on doing. After 2 years in college I finally accomplished that and have loved it ever since.

Blogging is something that has been in the back of my mind for years. I’ve been so nervous to start one because I didn’t want to fall into a stereotype of a “mommy blogger” because I am no expert on anything. I google and call my mom or sister in law, who is a nurse, weekly. I’m over here winging it just like the next mom trying to figure parenting and life out. My hair is basically in a ponytail everyday and goes days without being brushed. My outfit of choice is generally a robe. So, really, who am I to give any sort of beauty of fashion advice?!

I also worried about how many blogs there were out there and that mine wouldn’t be any different and no one would care. Then, I realized I was probably overthinking it and we’re all unique with our own opinions. So here I am. Just another mommy blogger trying to find balance in life.

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