I have waited over a year to decorate Blakelys bedroom. That’s one of the best parts of having a little girl, right? Building our home I decided to do white walls everywhere. I love how clean and bright white is and it was also the easiest option. When we finally started to get settled, much to my poor husbands dismay, I felt it was too white! I felt like Blakelys room needed some color but I wasn’t about to suggest to my husband we paint, and by we I mean he, cause I’m smarter than that. I was so excited to find Urban Walls and even more excited when they sent us some decals for Blakelys room. They were the easiest thing on the planet to put up and look so dang cute. The colors are seriously so vibrant and beautiful! They added the perfect amount of color and I’m so obsessed with her room.

One of my favorite features is the fact that it is kind of a giant sticker. They look like they are painted on the wall but they peel right off. I wish I would have found these when we were in our apartment! They can be as temporary or as permanent as you want them to be. They also cause no damage to walls upon removal. They are a perfect pop of color and fun to jazz up any room without the commitment or hassle of a paint job. They have so many beautiful designs. From dainty little heart or dot decals to beautiful wall paper murals. Whether you are a college student in a dorm, renter or home owner you NEED some Urban Walls in your home!

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Blakelys Room Details

Blackout Shade