We have a little copy cat in our house right now. Everything mom and dad do Beckham has to do too. Which when it comes to brushing his teeth, I can’t complain. He was always taking my toothbrush and as much as I love him that isn’t one of my favorite things to share with a toddler! I can’t decide who was more excited when we received our Nuby 4 Stage Oral Care System. Now he has his very own little tooth brush with his very own little stand. Mom and babe are both happy!

The Nuby 4 Stage Oral Care System comes with four brushes for all the different stages of those little babes teeth. One massager and 3 brushes and is PBA free. Beckham has been teething and so he will actually chew on the massager brush to help with his sore little gums! We are seriously such a fan of this cute product so if you need a fun way to get your little one to brush you definitely need one!