When I am dressing or shopping for myself, one of the main things I search for is something that is comfortable but also cute! The same rule applies to my babies, especially when it comes to their diapers. Making sure they have somethings soft and comfortable on their little bums is so important!
I have been using Parasol Co. diapers on both Beckham and Blakely and I am so impressed. Beckham, being a toddler, is all over the place so of course he needs something that is soft that can move with him. I also love the extra gentleness on Blakely girls sweet little newborn bum! Not only are these little diapers so comfortable, they come in the cutest prints. It’s so fun to put them in matching prints.

You may be thinking that a diaper is just a diaper and what could be different about Parasol Co.? Let me tell you. They use a specially developed, utra-soft top sheet layer and DryLock technology. This makes them super soft and absorbent but reduces that bulkiness of a wet diaper! Another great thing about Parasol Co. is they are hypoallergenic, free of heavy metals, lead, latex and chlorine. Like the diapers, the wipes are also hypoallergenic as well as alcohol- free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and fragrance free. Baby safe, happy mama!

Parasol Co. is a subscription based service. With two kids there is no way I am making it out of the house. And January in Logan UT is just too cold! The fact that I can set up my account for when I want my diapers to be sent is amazing. And I know I will never run out! They also offer an option for gifting as well as a free trial.

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