So I’ve basically hit that point in pregnancy where I definitely care more about comfort than style. With Beckham this was the time I started wearing Jordans t-shirts. Embarrassing I know but true! I believe there is actually a tagged photo of me hidden on Facebook for proof!  With this cute modern kaftan from Lunaby, I don’t have to choose between one or the other. I will probably be living in it until this little lady is born and then after that as well because I seriously love it so much! For starters, it’s one size fits all which makes ordering easy. You can wear it with or without a bump or as that baby grows. This little outfit is also my postpartum dream! Basically I lived in a robe trying to figure out how to nurse and I wasn’t going to put on pants, obviously. So I am so glad I will have this for recovery! It has a button down front to make nursing easy and honestly it’s just so cozy and comfy! Oh and did I mention it has pockets?! So, expecting or already a mom, this definitely needs to be one of your new go to’s!

Use code ‘steph15’ for 15% off! You can get yours HERE!