Good sleep is so important in our house. If one of us doesn’t sleep good it affects the whole family! Having our newborn get sleep is our number one priority. We discovered the dock a tot with Beckham and loved it. So of course I was so excited when they sent us one for Blakely. I really do swear by it and it helping both of my babies sleep good at night.

It may seem like it is just for sleeping but the Dock a Tot has so many different uses. It is actually designed for sleeping as well as lounging, tummy time, playing, bonding, bed transitioning and even diaper changes.
The covers are removable and machine washable which also means they are inter-changeable. With Beckham, we only had the one cover so when I went to wash it and he needed to sleep I never knew what to do with him, so I would recommend getting an extra cover. Which, with so many cute, fun prints to choose from, how can you not own at least two! It is also hypoallergenic and it doesn’t harbor heat, so you don’t have to worry about your sweet babe overheating.

I was always terrified to co sleep, still am. One of my favorite features about the Dock a Tot is when I’m just too tired to function I can safely lay next to my baby in their dock a tot and still feel that closeness.

We have recommended the Dock a Tot to all of our friends and would definitely say it is our number one baby essential pick.
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