I love taking pictures, obviously. Especially Christmas photos, whether they are mine or other peoples. Getting Christmas cards in the mail is one of my favorite things about the holidays. Mostly because it’s 2017 and getting mail is super rare so I always get overly excited when I get personal mail and not a bill! I also love seeing pictures of all our friends and family and seeing how much they have all changed over the last year. I usually keep them up way too long too. I just feel so bad throwing them away because I know how much work goes into them. Not to mention the cost of the picture session, then the card, and then the stamps! I usually end up hoarding then until the next year!

While our family is still small and growing, we’ve decided to send out a Christmas card every other year. This year is our off year. Which, I am 8 months pregnant so I’m kind of ok not sending out a photo of myself to a bunch of people to hang on their fridge for a bunch MORE people to see! So since we didn’t do a Christmas photo session this year I’ve just been reminiscing on how perfect our pictures were from last year. Beckham was only 5 months old! Just this teeny little bald thing. This was actually our first professional family session as well. Beckham wasn’t really into it. We maybe got one or two smiles but I mean, what can you expect from a baby! I loved my weeding photographer, Alisha, and have continued to use her for our family photos. She always gives me the best photos, even with an unamused baby! You can find all of her work at www.oakstreamphotography.com 

I just thought I would share some of our cute photos and hopefully give you some fun inspiration for your holiday cards!

So Merry Christmas, enjoy!